Archangelic Karuna Consciousness

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning “compassionate action” and Archangelic “glowing spirit”. The activation of Ra-Haraktys opens the possibility of a serie of significant transformations, rooted in a new state of consciousness and a deep appreciation of your own glowing light (or gifts).

The Archangelic Karuna Consciousness is the ability to switch between individual consciousness and collective compassionate consciousness recognizing us as the great shining spirits of light.
When we are initiating to this vibration we begin to develop compassionate love, we tune in with all beings and dimensions that support the evolution in the universe. Understanding the deep meaning of “Love the neighbor as yourself” or “I am your other you” expressed by ancient cultures such as the Hebrew, Mayan, Christian, Buddhist and others. We are able to immerse ourselves in the wonderful process of manifestation of our own light and power, becoming Boddhisatwas, or in other words, “healers of all life”.

This consciousness is one that supports the Great Dimensional Change that all sentient beings on this planet are experimenting, some in favor and others in resistance to this new reality.