Rectifications of energies (Qi) in people or places.

Everything in the universe is energy and this energy, like water, should flow smooth and free for its canals.


When this energy stagnates generates changes that eventually destroy or extinguish the canals in our bodies, producing what we know as disease (in people) or stagnant energy (in places).

For people: Qi is selectively irradiated stimulating the different chakras and meridians of the physical, emotional or mental bodies. We restore the circulation of Qi achieving harmony of the system, balance and healing.

For places such as businesses, schools, businesses and homes:
Elements that are interfering with the flow of Qi are located (fireplaces, vortexs or other channels) relocating or using elements to re-circulate the Qi. Similar to what we know as Feng Shui, the difference is that, in the case of Ra-Haraktys, the work takes place in relation and correspondence with the subtle beings of the place.

With this therapy we restore the sense of abundance, vitality, productivity and loving human relations for all the people working or living in the treated place.