The awakening of the Ra-Haraktys is a powerful conscience-technique of energy irradiation and energy piping, which has been given, to support the dimensional change that humanity is experiencing. It is a path to which we  all are invited to walk and in which you will gradually learn to expand our consciousness and therefore communicate again with the subtle worlds, breaking the illusion of separateness or disestablishment in which we find ourselves, and thus discovering that Master-Angel that every being has inside. The awakening of the Ra-Haraktys, is built by the following stages of consciousness:


The awakening of the consciousness of Ra-Haraktys in its various potencies The Ra-Haraktys is a consciousness and at the same time a technique that gradually enhance your whole being, and it allows you to reconnect yourself again with the subtle worlds, as well as canalizingand irradiate with all your aura these energies for your own […]



Therapists Formation

THERAPISTS FORMATION The activation of the Ra-Haraktys is a powerful tool for all those therapists and facilitators who are working in the great dimensional change, especially those who practice some form of healing as: shamanic healers, Dikshas healers, teachers and practitioners of Reiki, acupuncture, Biomagnetists, floral therapists, Masotherapists, reflexologists, Homeopaths, Fitotherapists, healers and complementary therapists […]