NarSham, of Chilean origin, is the founder and facilitator of Ra-Haraktys. Technique that has been channeled in 2004 and which incorporates the ancient tradition of the consciousness of Archangelic Karuna. Since then NarSham is dedicated to transmitting this technique in various organizations for professional, human or spiritual development through dozens of conferences and courses in more than ten countries in Latin America and Europe.

A professional Naturopath with the disciplines of Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, flower essences, NLP, biomagnetism, as well as Usui Reiki Master, Tera-May, Kent Seng, Karuna Ki, SHY, among others, he had practiced them for over fifteen years in various medical centers and clinics in Chile and Latin America.
In his travels both in the Middle East and in the West, he encountered several representatives of major philosophical, religious and cultural movements and shared with teachers, facilitators and shamans of many traditions the work for the big change of consciousness and awakening of humanity towards 2012.