The awakening of the consciousness of Ra-Haraktys in its various potencies

The Ra-Haraktys is a consciousness and at the same time a technique that gradually enhance your whole being, and it allows you to reconnect yourself again with the subtle worlds, as well as canalizingand irradiate with all your aura these energies for your own personal healing and for the world that surrounds you.

The Ra-Haraktys is a path to which we all are invited to walk and in which we learn to gradually expand our consciousness, in unity.

Ra-Haraktys includes the following stages of consciousness:


  • Ra-Haraktys of Assistance “Connecting with the unity”
  • First Potency” The Awakening of the Warrior or the soul”
  • Second Potency “The Awakening of the teacher and/or shaman”
  • Third Potency “The Awakening of the Dyanchohan or Solar Angel”
  • Precious Master “The service in unity”.

 Of service and healing, formation of the fifth dimension’s therapist:

  • Rectification of ancestral memories or DNA”
  • “The divine Complement”
  • “Bio-psych-emotional Decryption”
  • “Subtle Geobiology”
  • “Janzu with Ra-Haraktys of Assitance”

 Complementary Courses:

  • “The evolutionay story of human kind and the subtle worlds”



First Potency

Awakening the Warrior of the Soul By an ancient tradition cradled in ancient Egypt and Tibet, we connect energetically for two days in a beautiful state of precious Unity. We extrapolate our individual consciousness to a collective consciousness, experiencing peace, joy and a feeling of oneness with all participants and subtle beings who assist us […]


Second Potency

Awakening the Master or Shaman The second potency is directed to all those karunos, who have carried out the first potency and/or carried out the task of the second module of work of therapist certification of “Rectification of the ancestral memories”. However, all those who have not made the certification of therapist I, have the […]


Third Potency

Awakening the Archangel or Solar Angel For entering the third potency of the Ra-Haraktys, it is a requirement to have attended the two previous potencies. Description * This course consists in a theory-living part, which lasts four days, divided into two parts. In the first part, those wishing to take this power and be facilitators […]


Precious Master

Enlightenment consciousness awakening or Of the service in unity In the Precious Master, we receive the Darshan, with which we deliver technique-awareness of Ra-Haraktys course, first Potence. With this we can make the full opening of the chakras flow and deliver the alignment of the plexus Darshan, and corresponding rectification keys. Also we will lecture the […]