First Potency



Awakening the Warrior of the Soul

By an ancient tradition cradled in ancient Egypt and Tibet, we connect energetically for two days in a beautiful state of precious Unity. We extrapolate our individual consciousness to a collective consciousness, experiencing peace, joy and a feeling of oneness with all participants and subtle beings who assist us never experienced before.

This is possible because we receive the activation (Darshan) of Karuna Awareness (compassion), the chakras will be fully open to a flow of energy and our plexuses will be aligned with the Planetary Triad Logos.

1)The course begins with an ancient ceremony and the opening of the chakras for total flow, alignment and rectification of the energy of our being.

2)We will comprehend the consciousness of the Planetary Triad Logos, in other words, how the Great Spirit is manifested in the universe and in each of us.

3)Description of the technique and consciousness, channeling and irradiation of Ra-Haraktys. We will learn to heal and rectify the bodies and sub-bodies; etero-physical, vital (pranic), emotional (astral), mental and spiritual in yourself and others.

4)We will receive the “Ra-Haraktys of Assistance”: we will learn to purify water and food contaminated or genetically altered. We will receive the consciousness of communion with subtle beings of nature to ask for help and assistance in case of an emergency.

5)We will receive the awareness and rectification of our ancestral lineage through the consciousness of recognition.

6)We will be given the technical-awareness of the loving “Ra-Haraktys Planetary Work”, to be performed in order to help our brothers selflessly in beautiful silence. Through this work we will help to release and rectify major mental forms which are the cause of violence, ignorance and pain in our cities.

7)We will learn the “Ra-Haraktys Collective Irradiation”. We can invite all beings who desire healing to be irradiated so they can regain their physical, emotional and mental health.

8 )We will awaken the Warrior of Light that lies within us all with an ancestral ceremony.

9)Through the Great Initiation Ceremony we will receive the Darshan of precious plexus alignment. We will become a coherent loving being by aligning our thinking, feeling and doing.

10)We will receive the keys to rectify our ancestral memories that lie in our DNA code so we can free ourselves from ignorance and self-destructive beliefs that are causing pain.

<< Through this whole experience, having received the blessings of the opening of the chakras and the plexus alignment, the secrets of our destiny on Earth will be gradually revealed. This is the starting point of the consolidation of our purpose and mission on Earth. >>