preciosa maestría

Enlightenment consciousness awakening or Of the service in unity

In the Precious Master, we receive the Darshan, with which we deliver technique-awareness of Ra-Haraktys course, first Potence. With this we can make the full opening of the chakras flow and deliver the alignment of the plexus Darshan, and corresponding rectification keys. Also we will lecture the 1st therapists certification.

The duration of this course will be that corresponding to each one, a period in which we will be assisted in the learning process of the six modules comprising the Path of the Ra-Haraktys Awakening .

Each module consists of learning how to go beyond awareness and guide the awakening of our brothers in every Potence and Therapist Certification. Helping  our brothers to awake the Angel-Master who dwells in every being, and invite him to manifest his Light in unity.

<<Across the road that make up the various potences of the Ra-Haraktys awakening, we will learn to manifest that unique light that each of us harbors, and through our contribution aware of that light, we can be enriched and improved each of the Ra-Haraktys modules, becoming so, participants and co-creators of the evolution of this beautiful plan.

Plan that includes the foundation of spiritual communities and sustainable development, which working in a conscious way, will open links with subtle beings and they will build the future cities of light, where all beings can live in beautiful unity. >>