Ra-Haraktys of Assistance


The Ra-Haraktys of assistance is a powerful awareness- technique of channeling and irradiating energy to the vital body (pranic or energy), which has been given a decade ago by the subtle beings for the support of the dimensional change that humanity is experiencing.

The Ra-Haraktys is a conscience impulse that will make you feel more free and willing to recognize your gifts, your light and want to help yourself and your brothers.



Who is this targeted to?

This course is aimed to anyone who is starting on a journey of healing or spiritual path, and may feel the call of his soul to be part of the transformation of consciousness happening in our beloved planet, either to overcome himself or to enhance and correct their way of life, regardless of their own beliefs or sex, religion, social status, race or profession.


Therefore, all are welcome: children, adults, youngsters, elders, teachers, businessmen, housewives, students, artisans, musicians, gardeners, visionaries, to mention some examples; at the end of this course of Ra – Haraktys of assistance, you will be able to manifests your own Sun, your light in precious and loving unity with the great spirit.

You may only have to want to change and enjoy these amazing new energies of spiritual transformation!


“Connecting with the unit”

  • We will receive the total opening of our chakras’ flow. Consequently, we are going to be able to radiate a powerful stream of bio-energy etero-physical and vital bodies (pranic), for ourselves and for others, for the treatment of almost all kinds of energy and physical diseases.
  • We will learn to purify and to cleanse the water and genetically altered or contaminated food.
  • We will receive the consciousness of communion with the subtle beings of nature and its protection in case of emergency.
  • We will receive the consciousness of how our unconscious and all mankind drag and hold self-destructive assumptions (beliefs) which generate pain, loneliness and separation in us, we will learn to identify them to get rid of them.
  • Learn to consciously put our channels to help rectify, and irradiate to the collective consciousness our high vibration energy (joy, hope, and more).
  • We will learn to perform the “Collective irradiation of Ra-Haraktys of assistance” which helps groups of people, who are looking to regain their health and so long-awaited peace.
  • We will receive the keys to rectification of our ancestral memories buried in our DNA code and consequentlyhelp to release and rectify the beliefs or patterns of pain that inhabit us and other lives.

It is important to understand that this is a massive and independent course from the potencies. It is a seven-hour course, whose objective is to reach the greatest possible number of beings, whether they are young, adults, elderly people or especially children. And by this help those, in an entertaining way, who are getting started with this beautiful journey of self-healing.


Therefore, this course is not a requirement to perform the first potency. Those who take it will have access to the first potency of the Ra-Haraktys at a lower cost and in this way, facilitate this spiritual awakening.