Rectification of Divine Complements



etiqueta terapeuta II

“The divine complement”

Divine complements

This course consists of two modules: one module consists in a theory-practice part, lasting one day and a half, and a second module of three months of practice and self work that we start once the certification is completed.


 * We will receive the Darshan of rectification of the divine complements

* Understand which are the divine complements in a  karmic and dharmic form

* You will learn how they affect our polarities yin and yang.

* We will recognize the myths and realities about twin souls and others.

* You will learn to recognize and to release destructive beliefs that affect our complements, both in this and in other lives, and so to rectify the projections of pain generated by these beliefs.

 «These initiations of the Ra-Haraktys, invite us to live a powerful spiritual transformation to become more cheerful, friendly people and holders of longed peace, with the precious ability to radiate our light, like a Sun, to all our relations and our environment and therefor to feel attached to all that exists.»