Second Potency



2a Pot

Awakening the Master or Shaman

The second potency is directed to all those karunos, who have carried out the first potency and/or carried out the task of the second module of work of therapist certification of “Rectification of the ancestral memories”. However, all those who have not made the certification of therapist I, have the opportunity to this power through a nomination.


This is a three day course, and a period of three months of practical selfwork.

* In this potency, we will receive the Darshan of rectification of energies from vibrational levels altered in people or places, and we will also receive the conscious opening of the subtle worlds. So we will be able to communicate and work together with the beings of nature for the rectification of all energies poorly qualified with our brothers and the different parts of the planet.

* Along with this, we will also activate the permanent rotation of our chakras, so that we empowered our glands, especially our pituitary gland, to be able to radiate large amounts of people at the same time and extensive areas and places.

* We receive the awareness of the hidden source of mankind (anthropogenesis) and the cosmos (cosmogenesis), the story of how the “consciousness” breeds have been developed and as mankimd has evolved from a not official point of view and history; we will then receive the knowledge stored in the great book of Syam in Tibet. All this, in order to understand the purpose that drives human evolution and its destiny in this world.


<< The important and beautiful part in this second potency of the Ra-Haraktys course is to awaken that teacher and/or shaman who lives in each of us. This course empowers us in a consciousness of unity. In addition, we release and deliver to other beings, in humbleness; all the experience and wisdom of so many lives housed in our being, in each of our ancestral memories (DNA code). >>