Third Potency



3ra Pot

Awakening the Archangel or Solar Angel

For entering the third potency of the Ra-Haraktys, it is a requirement to have attended the two previous potencies.


* This course consists in a theory-living part, which lasts four days, divided into two parts.

In the first part, those wishing to take this power and be facilitators of the Ra-haraktys of assistance will have to organize a course for assistance in which they will receive the first Darshanexperiencing the opening of the chakras’ flow to other beings.

In the second part, we will meet and complete the training in which we will be handed out the keys of rectification to the new facilitators of Ra-Haraktys of Assistance.

* In this course, we will receive the consciousness and the belonging correction keys to dictate and guide the courses of the “Ra-Haraktys of Assistance.

* Simultaneously, we will receive the awareness and ability to perform etheric operations, working as a team with the subtle beings for processing and rectifying the energy flows of individuals.


<< With this consciousness, we can put our channels to the service of humanity in correspondence with the mission that each of us has, working on resonance and unity with our guide teachers and the subtle beings. By placing all this beautiful Dyanchohanic Power to the service of the great spirit or drive. >>