Ra-haraktys therapy

  •  Who is able to provide this therapy?

All those who completed the First Initiation of Ra-Haraktys who are “Ra-Haraktys Accredited Healer”. In order to perform this therapy, the person received the opening, activation and total flow of all chakras, aligning their plexus and releasing keys ancestral memories. Through this therapy, the healers have the ability to radiate their patients, not only with their hands but with their whole aura which is expanded to more than 12 meters with the initiation. Therapists can help release and treat disorders at physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  •  How does the healing occurs?

Understanding and using as an example that the human being is like a radio dial covering all frequencies that exist in the universe : from the most dense to the most subtle. When any of these frequencies or a set of these are in de-tuning in the human being, is what we call disease. If we apply a powerful irradiation of harmonic frequencies, we can make these de-tunes frequencies become harmonized again, producing healing in the patient.

The “Ra-Haraktys Accredited Healers” can channel and radiate these unique and unrepeatable combination of “powerful harmonic frequencies” (memories releasing keys) that each particular patient requires.

These harmonized frequencies enable patterns of self-destructive beliefs that have come to manifest into a disease to be gradually released from the patient, both physical and psychological. Through continue Ra-Haraktys treatments these patterns (ancestral memories) are released and the patient recovers in an effective way his peace and health.

  •  What kind of disease can be treated?

Through the therapy of Ra-Haraktys First Initiation all types of diseases or disorders can be treated. This treatment we can apply in diseases such as colds, joint pain, hormonal or digestive disorders, etc. … Besides psychological disorders such as stress, depression, panic attacks, anxiety and other ….

A session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and in case of emergency, a 7 minutes radiation stabilizes the (s) of person (s) affected (s).

Ancestral memories rectification

  •  Who is able to provide this therapy?

All those who have completed the first initiation of Ra-Haraktys who are “Ra-Haraktys Certified Therapist”. In this course the Chakra 6 is additionally stimulated in order to evaluate the pulse of the patients’ Chakras. They also received the keys of “Rectification of Ancestral Memories” to rectify all self-destructive premises in themselves and other beings. These assumptions lie behind the beliefs and are generating conflicts and dichotomies deeper into humans and are the real cause of many diseases.

  •  How does this “Ancestral Memories Rectification” and healing occurs?

Understanding that the human being is composed of several different layers that shape the energetic structure called Aura, which is composed in part by the physical, psychological and other more subtle bodies and that together they sustain the experience of the Higher Self in this world.

It is through this subtle aura or electromagnetic field that the Self collects the life experience for its evolution.  Experience that is registered and stored in the nucleus of cells called DNA code (both etheric and physical).

This record of memories, both of this and of past lives, is also called by the ancients “ancestral memory”. These memories are created and “feed” by many experiences of pain and profound ignorance. Over time,  they become clusters of highly destructive beliefs that when held unconsciously, they produce disease in humans.

The Ra-Haraktys certified therapist is enabled to rectify and restore these assumptions that are registered in our DNA as ancestral memories. After the treatment, the receiver (or patient) makes remarkable changes in their behavior, their way of thinking and feeling over a period of time, becoming a more cheerful, friendly and experiencing the desired inner-peace.

  • What kind of disease can be treated?

Through this therapy of “Ancestral Memories Rectification” all types of illness or psychological, physical and energetic disorders can be treated. This treatment we can apply in diseases such as depression, bipolar disorder, irritability states, … In addition to diseases like cancers, joint pains, hormonal disorders, immune problems, and others.

It Comprises 4 sessions face-to-face and 1 at distance. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and the treatment is completed in 21 days.