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Ra-Haraktys of Assistance

The Ra-Haraktys of assistance is a powerful awareness- technique of channeling and irradiating energy to the vital body (pranic or energy), which has been given a decade ago by the subtle beings for the support of the dimensional change that humanity is experiencing.

The Ra-Haraktys is a conscience impulse that will make you feel more free and willing to recognize your gifts, your light and want to help yourself and your brothers.

RH de Asistencia para niños

When: 4 November 2017 all-day
Where: Playa del Carmen, México

Ra-Haraktys de Asistencia para niños en Playa, Noviembre 2017 ¿Para qué?  Desarrollar la confianza en si-mismo del niño   Ofrecerle herramientas para cuidarse   Aprender a meditar, a relajarse y bajar el nivel de estrés[…]