Therapists Formation


The activation of the Ra-Haraktys is a powerful tool for all those therapists and facilitators who are working in the great dimensional change, especially those who practice some form of healing as: shamanic healers, Dikshas healers, teachers and practitioners of Reiki, acupuncture, Biomagnetists, floral therapists, Masotherapists, reflexologists, Homeopaths, Fitotherapists, healers and complementary therapists in general.

Precisely these disciplines are the ones more interested into Ra-Haraktys, because they enhanced exponentially its faculties and its healing work, access to high frequency energies and higher dimensions of consciousness.

In this sense, all those who are therapists or even not yet,  and feel the call to be, can, after having followed “the first power of the Ra-Haraktys”, receive more specific training courses, called “training of Fifth dimension’s therapists of Ra-Haraktys” where new tools will be delivered and will be further strengthened its healing powers.

First Potency

Awakening the Warrior of the Soul By an ancient tradition cradled in ancient Egypt and Tibet, we connect energetically for two days in a beautiful state of precious Unity. We extrapolate our individual consciousness to a collective consciousness, experiencing peace, joy and a feeling of oneness with all participants and subtle beings who assist us […]


Rectification of Ancestrales memories or the DNA code

“Rectification of ancestral memories or the DNA code” Rectification of Ancestrales memories or the DNA code This course has as requirement to have completed the first potency of the Ra-haraktys.  It consists of two modules: one living-theory module and a second module of practical self work that we will start once the certification is completed. […]


Rectification of Divine Complements

“The divine complement” Divine complements This course consists of two modules: one module consists in a theory-practice part, lasting one day and a half, and a second module of three months of practice and self work that we start once the certification is completed.  Description  * We will receive the Darshan of rectification of the […]